In addition to gathering weekly for prayer & worship, members of the St. Brigids Community also come together to hang out, to learn, and to serve in response to the needs in our wider community.

These are some of those upcoming gatherings.


Storytelling: The Oral Tradition Working Its Magic

In a prison, in a parish, a public school, or a pastoral care encounter, a story well told can touch, motivate, educate and heal. The ancient art of Storytelling – be it folktale, myth, or sacred story – remains a vibrant means of connecting us, one to another, even in the most unlikely of circumstances. […]


The Lively Word: Folktales, Faith Stories, and How to Tell Them

In this engaging, participatory workshop, the Rev. Joanne Epply-Schmidt will teach some techniques and skills that go in to telling a Folktale. This process will culminate in teams of 3-4 people working together on a story to present to the group. The afternoon will be devoted to taking Biblical stories (pre-selected by Joanne), stripping them […]


Weekly Worship Service

St. Brigids meets for worship in the Cathedral’s sanctuary, located on the upper level of this historic church on the corner of West Georgia and Burrard.


St. Brigids Day Festival Potluck

February 1st is St. Brigids Day. In honour of the saint our community is named after, we’ll be throwing a party.


Annual General (Vestry) Meeting

Each year, the Cathedral community holds its Vestry Meeting (or AGM) in February. All members of the St. Brigids community are invited to participate.