A Few Suggestions

When you’re new, you might wonder how to get involved in the life of the St. Brigids community. There are a bunch of ways to begin, but here are a few concrete suggestions:

  • Attend worship on Sunday evening, and stick around to enjoy coffee hour and get to know people. Sunday worship is the heart of who we are – all the rest of our life together flows from this time of renewal and communion with God and each other.
  • Sign up for our email list (you can do that right on this page). This is a great way to start becoming aware of what is happening at St. Brigids and how you can get involved.
  • Go for coffee with Marnie or Andrew! Both Marnie and Andrew have dedicated time each week for connecting with congregants and they especially want to get to know our new people. They can help you figure out where to start investing your time and talent, when you are ready.
  • Attend a newcomers’ gathering, join a small group study or participate in one of our pop-up Christian education events where we do bible study, book studies, and explore the roots of the Anglican tradition.
  • Sign up for something small – a great way to begin is to volunteer for coffee hour hospitality, to take on one of the popsicle stick jobs during a liturgy (i.e. do a reading) or to rsvp to a newcomer’s gathering.
  • If you’re a musician interested in joining the band, talk to Matthew (our music coordinator) about ways your musical gifts can help our community to join our voices in worship.