You’ve got questions? We may have some answers. Read through the FAQ to find out more about the St. Brigids Community at Christ Church Cathedral. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please send us an email through our Contact Page.

Visiting St. Brigids

I’d like to come. Should I just show up?
What should I wear?
When should I arrive? How long is your worship?
Should I bring anything?
I am queer, trans, bi, asexual, lesbian, gay, questioning or an ally...
Is St. Brigids wheelchair accessible?

About Our Services

Where do you meet?
How many people usually come?
What kind of music do you use in worship?
How does the St. Brigids Community participate in the Eucharist?
What if I don't drink wine?
What if I'm gluten intolerant?
Are children welcome in worship?
I'm visiting with a group.


Are you Christian?
Is St. Brigids affiliated with a Christian denomination?
I am not sure what I believe. Can I come?
Is St. Brigids an Emergent Church?
How did St. Brigids get started?