Children Are Welcome

Children of all ages are invited to participate in the life of the Cathedral’s St. Brigids community, and will be cared for and honoured by the congregation.

We believe in the importance of including children in liturgy, so that they might come to know the rhythms of worship that form us in our Christian identity, spirituality, and practice.

At St. Brigids we delight in the gifts of energy, excitement, wonder, and passion that children infuse into this intergenerational community of Christ-followers.

Tinies (0-3 years old)

From the moment you step foot in the Cathedral, know that you and your children are welcome in the St. Brigids liturgy. We provide a visible, carpeted area within the community’s worship space where young children can occupy themselves with a variety of activities, including books, colouring, and quiet toys.

We expect children to be children, meaning that they are free to play, roam, and make noise throughout the service.

We have also set aside a quiet room connected to our worship space where parents can retreat with a little one if they feel the need.

Godly Play

Children begin the service with their parents as the community gathers, offers prayers, and sings a gathering song. As we begin the liturgy of the word (the readings and the sermon), children are invited to join an adult storyteller for Godly play in the rear of the chancel.

Godly Play is a Montessori based approach to Christian Faith Formation. Each child is welcomed into the Godly Play environment, and invited to join the circle of children sitting on the floor.  An adult storyteller leads the children in a story from the Bible or our faith tradition.  At the end of the story, the children are invited to “wonder” about the story in a way that is appropriate to their age, stage and attention span.

The whole community is reunited at the passing of the peace, as we enter into the Eucharistic liturgy for Holy Communion.